Swim with Whales an illegal Activity ?

Indian ocean world famous for blue whales, Dolphins Trincomalee coastal area can observe easily Indian ocean giants. We offer sharing and private boat trip to observe Indian ocean giants. Best Season April to September

Dear clients Please remember that Snorkeling With Whales ( Swimming With Whales an illegal activity according to the fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance – Chapter 469 read section 71 and Sea mammals Observation, Regulation and Control) Regulation NO 1 of 2012 ( ( Unless with Special Permissions from the director general of Department of wildlife conservation ) Permits issued under water photography not for swim with whales .

Say No Swim with whales if you seen such activity please inform with evidence to wildlife Criminal control unit 1992 hotline department of wildlife conservation

PIGEON ISLAND TOURS PVT LTD (PV 00282522) We offer whales dolphins trips with under the regulations with passengers safety and without disturbing to sea mammals.

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